Common Lisp bindings for FUSE


Common Lisp bindings for FUSE (file system in user space).


Works with SBCL, should not be too hard to port to other implementations. Core CL-FUSE bindings work with SBCL and CCL. ECL (12.7.1) and Clisp fail: ECL complains about memory corruption and Clisp executes setuid fusermount in such a way that setuid bit doesn't get activated
Includes Query-FS, a file system that is automatically fille with query results and is meant to provide links to different resources already stored somewhere and interface for retrieval of small pieces of data from non-FS storages (like relational databases).
Currently all the new code is written by Michael Raskin (email username fb08af68, server


Currently the recommended way of installing cl-fuse or query-fs is using Quicklisp. There is a Git mirror, the original Monotone development repo was published at which is currently down.

Project members

Original CL-FUSE was written by Lars Brinkhoff

Current code is a rewrite (with a redesign) by Michael Raskin. QueryFS ships with a sample query that supports most of the functionality of the original project.

Fresh source code

Monotone repository can be browsed at

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